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    Roxio Media Capture Stopped Working - Help

    nope... nothing at all
  2. ChloePop

    Roxio Media Capture Stopped Working - Help

    Hi Jim, Just went through the repair process and the Roxio still crashes and closes when I open the programme? Thanks
  3. ChloePop

    Roxio Media Capture Stopped Working - Help

    Hi Jim_Hardin Specs as below: Windows 8.1 64 Bit AMD Quad-core A6-5200 APU with Radeon HD Graphics 2.00GHz w/ 8GB Installed Memory I have followed your instructions however no message or screen is offered with a Repair option. Still having the same issues as before. Any extra help would be greatly appreciated. Many Thanks Jim
  4. Hi, I recently purchased a Roxio Gamecapture HD Pro and after over 7 hours of trying to set it up, I am really wondering why I didn't just pay the extra for an Elgato. After installing the software, downloading the service pack updates and rebooting the machine, whenever I try to capture gameplay footage the program crashes immediately. My machine has more than the recommended specification requirements so I know that isn't an issue. I have attached a screen grab below to illustrate my problem. I don't understand how Roxio can justify charging what they do for this when I see this problem happening to a lot of people and they offer NO customer support at all - OR they charge you for it. If anyone can help, I would hugely appreciate it. Jim