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    Computer Crash When Connecting Device! | Major Issue |

    Repar Fixed the computer crash. One of the reasons why it was not working was I was using my old TV with a hdmi to vga adapter ;P. Thanks for all the help!
  2. Minermanthetwo

    Computer Crash When Connecting Device! | Major Issue |

    Yes I have the same situation, I get the "Device Connected" , "Device disconnected" about 2-3 times the my computer crashes. I have used all 3 possible ports on my pc, all with the same result. The windows 7 was a different computer. Working on your fix right now, ill update this post once I do.
  3. Minermanthetwo

    Computer Crash When Connecting Device! | Major Issue |

    I have the same problem, I have the following specs; nvidia GeForce gtx940m 64- bit system, x64 based processor. 8.00 GB Installed RAM Intel Core i5-4210H CPU @ 2.90GHz I have tried; Roxio Repair Uninstalling Then Re-installing the software Switching all Cables Switching to an older windows 7 (Which I can confirm it used to work on) Note - No graphics cards have been modded or anything of that sort. Any suggestions for me?
  4. Minermanthetwo

    Xbox Audio Cuts Out At Random Times

    Hey Roxio Community, For the past week now my audio from my Xbox 360 has cut out around the 1-15 minute mark. I can still hear the audio on my TV (hence why I cant tell if the audio from the recording is stopped.) I have tried recording in both 720P and 1080I, they both have the same problem. I Am Capturing with the Roxio HD Pro and HDMI Cables (I have tried over 5 HDMI cables, its not the problem) Computer Specs I have a Windows 7 with a i5 2.27GHz Processor. My Graphics Card is ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470. I am not sure what other specs you will need. If you need something else please comment. An Example In My Video At exactly 2:50 the audio/music cuts out and all you can hear is my voice. https://youtu.be/59oJspaCxa0?t=2m41s Any help on how to fix this would be amazing!