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    Roxio Always Says Verify!

    Hello! Whenever I try to livestream, Roxio always says to verify my YouTube account. I verified it but it still says the same thing. Thank you!!!
  2. YuriyTheGamer

    Stream Live On Youtube And Switch.tv Problems

    I have the exact same problem! Roxio keeps on telling me to verify but I already did.
  3. YuriyTheGamer

    Videowave Crashes

    Well, considering the fact that the only thing you tell people to do is go to Roxio Repair. It doesn't make a difference!
  4. YuriyTheGamer

    Videowave Crashes

    Hello! RoxioWave crashes whenever I try to add a photo/video. It just quits the application and that's it. HELP!!! Thank you!!!
  5. YuriyTheGamer

    Videowave Crashes

    I already tried that! It still crashes. It worked for three days and today it keeps on crashing again.
  6. YuriyTheGamer

    Roxio Always Says Verify!

    Nope! I can't find it there. Might as well give me a link in the forum to the solution. (if it's actually there)
  7. YuriyTheGamer

    Roxio Always Says Verify!