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    Roxio Game Capture Software Video Error?

    i have the xbox 360 if that is what you met by (never said which one you have)
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    Roxio Game Capture Software Video Error?

    Ok so i am going to add some pictures so it will be more easier. First ill explain my setup I have my 2 HDMI cables, 1 from output to my tv, another for my xbox to the input on the device. Next i have my cable that powers the roxio leading from a usb port in my pc to the roxio. That should be good. When i load up the software and everything is good, there is a blue screen on my roxio software video tab, and a red screen that does not cover the whole tv but a little on my tv. When i tried another HDMI cable, this happens(my tv is black while this is happening) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HLsdL6qZYLA&feature=youtu.be I did drop my roxio a few times before this so i think thats what is causing it, Last week it was working fine though. My software is fully updated.
  3. Hey everyone, so my game capture software has been acting kinda strange, it seems the video is skipping around in thin little lines, and my tv keeps going from a black screen to no signal, then back again. I think this means my roxio broke but i don't know. Please help me