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    We Need A New Kind Of Dvd Creator - Using Mp4

    So, okay, I'm wrong about hoping to play MP4's with a menu. But I can put together a data disk, on a DVD, with an MP4 on it, and it plays just fine, on computers or on specialized devices. I just can't have pretty menus and automatic links, but, then again, that's not playing it on a DVD player, and I'm assurming from your comments guys, that such files could never play on a standard dvd player. Only blu-ray, also an almost dead format. I still think there might be some value in being able to do this, but if standard dvd players are stuck at 720, well, that's kind of it. Oh well.....
  2. meaganmargaret

    We Need A New Kind Of Dvd Creator - Using Mp4

    I'm pretty frustrated right now, because it appears that no matter what I do, I am stuck to MPEG2 resolution if I want to author a DVD. It doesn't seem to matter how small my project is, Toast will INSIST on formatting it to the old, badly outdated and grossly inefficient standard of mpeg2. There are a lot of us out there who would like to author small works (5-10 minutes) on a DVD at 1920x1080 (and NOT 720x540), but we cant using Toast. So far in my experience, Toast will insist on converting a beautiful 1920x1080 piece, no matter what the size, to the very ugly SD DVD standard of mpeg2. Is there any way or any program that will have a menu that links to an MP4 file, and when that MP4 file finishes running, returns the viewer back to the menu? And in my view, this "fantasy" program would directly support MP4 videos and would not transcode to the old standard, extremely bloated standard of mpeg2? So, to be more clear, I would like an auto-start menu, and links to MP4 files, but no transcoding to the old standard definition of DVD. I just keep thinking that there must be a program out there that does this, I was kind of hoping it would be Toast. But it appears that Toast insists on transcoding these files to mpeg2 if DVD format is chosen. That seems really brain-dead to me. But perhaps I'm wrong. Am I?