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    Help Me Please ?

    I want to get started livestreaming but my internet is not the greatest. And i was wondering if there was anyway to livestream in full hd quailty that i record in? I do have xsplit but frames drop fast and it lags quickly. I dont know if its the capture card or if its my internet. If its the capture device i would have no other option then to sell for the Elgato. I need all the help i can get. I want to make a living off somthing i enjoy. Thanks in advance
  2. teamlegends45


    I got my device a little over a month ago and now after i get done with recording around 2 videos all videos i try to record records fine but when i go back and rewatch the videos there is a moment in the first 30seconds of recording then the screen glitches and all the audio is lost. Im losing it, all im trying to do is get my foot in the door with Youtube videos and this is major issure. I recorded in 3 weeks over 20 videos and when i went back and looked the audio was gone. I dont know what to do nor do i have the money to get a Elgato. Help me, please and thank you.