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  1. I am trying to make the background transparent. The white space. And yes, when I over lay the image over another image it is not with a transparent background. For example, this screenshot of some random Windows desktop shows icons which have transparent backgrounds. Notice how there is no white background? I want to make it look like those...my image is a circle with camera lenses in it...I want just the circle and the space around it to be transparent so that when I apply it to logo makers, there is no WHITE background....Hope this helps further explain my question.
  2. So when I make the background transparent for a logo in Photo Suite 13, the final image, (after I checked the transparent box, saved as PNG and masked out all white area) does not come out to be an image with a transparent background. What Am I doing wrong? I searched every where and when I find answers, they all say to do what I have already done!!! Attached are some screenshots of what I'm doing... Thank you, PepperMan