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  1. I have 7 photos and 1 movie made with digital camera in movie mode. I have tried several times to burn a DVD w/ Toast 12 Titanium. I cannot even burn one that will play in the same MAC Pro I am using to burn it. I found a post about converting the file to one that will work in iTunes. Finally figured that out.. Tried watching the tutorial at this web site - it uses Toast 11 Pro - the interface does not even remotely resemble 12 T. I finally made a disc image that appears to work. Now how do I get that onto a DVD disc? Toast 6 Lite - obviously OOOOld version - did it and it works like a charm - plays in my Blu-ray player with no problems. However, with the lite version I can only do 2 items. I am very frustrated and disappointed. I have used Toast in different versions for years and never had these issues. I am using MacPro 10.9OS and DVD+R discs. Would appreciate any suggestions.