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    Issues With Uploading & Burning Dvd

    I have the same problem of both Roxio Creator 2012 and Photoshow. Both comes up with an error that says, "There are no DVD or CD burners connected to your computer". I have Window 8.1 on a 3 year old Dell Laptop. My DVD/CD device works with all other programs except Roxio. I have no Register Software on my computer. I have McAfee and even turned it off and re-loaded Photoshow. Deleted DVD/CD media and restarted my computer to reinstall it. All my Burner updates are current, as is all my Windows updates. I worked with a Roxio tech for about 4 days and still have the problem. I took it to Office Depot and they checked it out and said the DVD?CD burner was just fine. He even hooked up and external burner and we got the same message. The Roxio tech and I have also done everything that is suggest on this post and nothing works. My 10 year old desk top computer has no problem with either program but is really, really slow. Can anyone help me on this issue? Thanks Jim
  2. I have Roxio Photoshow 6.0 with a Premium Account and when I try to burn a DVD I get an error message: "There are no DVD or CD burners connected to your computer" Support wasn't able to come up with a fix. My DVD/CD Media,(Matshita DVD+-RW UJ8E2), works with all other programs such as writing Itunes to a CD; reading any DVD or CD; Playing movies; etc. There is no error in the Devices Menu. Deleted DVD/CD and restarted which reinstalled DVD/CD Media and still have the problem. All updates are current. I have an external drive and it won't recognize that either. I also have Roxio Creator 2012 which has Photoshow as one of it's features and I get the same error message with it. I am using a 3 year old Dell Laptop with Windows 8.1. I have no other problem on this laptop with any programs. I also have a 10 year old Hewlett Packard Desk Top computer with the same programs installed on it and it recognizes DVD/CD Media and will burn DVD's with with both programs. It has Windows 7 and being 10 years old is very slow. I prefer to use my newer laptop. Has anyone else had this problem and what did you do to fix it. Thanks Jim