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    Acceptable Mydvd Filetypes?

    I've been using DVD Studio Pro 4 for years to create DVD's for my wife's dance studio but DVDSP 4 does not support BluRay and it has been dropped by Apple. I bought and downloaded Toast 14 Pro yesterday because of the description of myDVD. MyDVD manual is very skimpy. Does anyone know the Media Filetypes that it supports. I have some H264 HD video and Dolby audio files that I created using Compressor but it doesn't seem to recognize these files. mark
  2. I've edited my video and added named chapter markers using Final Cut Pro X I burned a test DVD using the Splash Menu Style. The markers show up on the test disc only as numbers, no text Is this the expected behavior? Numbers by themselves is not very useful, I'm hoping there is a way to include the names instead of or in addition to the numbers Thanks in advance