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    Capturing Audio From Cassette

    When I checked the system files, this is what it posted. Issues found- Incompatible Program Detected. Fix program RoxioCentralFx So now I don't know how to fix the incompatibility issue since I ran the Compatibility under my Tools and Compatibility View Settings. I still am in the dark and I am not much into troubleshooting and where to go. Sorry
  2. I am having a problem trying to get my music from my cassette. I hooked it up to my stereo the way the diagram says. It worked and copied 2 songs onto the computer. Then when I went back to start again, there were no levels of sound like there was in the first 2 songs, the green levels didn't move back and forth. I have tried everything to try & get the music onto my computer. I don't know why the sound levels are not moving when they were before?? I even tried the different inputs from microphone to the Line In. It was on Line In when it worked the first time, but now it won't. Gosh, I am at a loss. I had a problem with the computer freezing, so I had to look that up to fix it. And it had to do with Enabling Protected Mode. Had to restart, then computer wasn't freezing but now I can't get my music to record onto my computer. I even went and Disabled the Protected Mode, but still not working. Please Help!! I have been at this all day!! Forgot to tell you, I have Windows 8.1 and IE 11 I don't know how to add the dxdiag file in here, or do I need to?
  3. My husband just got me a new computer and I have to Re-Install all my programs. I am not sure how to install Roxio Creator NXT3 now?? Please I need help on all my programs now. The ones that I do own.
  4. DncngSpirit

    Capturing Audio From Cassette

    I don't know what you mean to *run a jumper from the out on the card to the speakers in on the card* ??? And yes I did the MoAppHang thing and there was an error on it. But I don't know how to do the rest.
  5. DncngSpirit

    How To Install Nxt 3? [Split]

    Thanks. I decided to use the my *old* laptop and let him use the new one. The one I have has all the programs downloaded so I don't need to re-install any programs. It is much easier for me. He only needs a laptop for him to go to basic sites. So thanks a lot for your reply. I am still trying to figure out my Roxio Creator NXT3, it is not recording.
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    Capturing Audio From Cassette

    What it does record, I can't hear. And no I didn't notice the Windows faults. And besides I wouldn't know what they meant. Going to click on the link you posted (moAppiHang) And hopefully this can get fixed. Thanks will try what I can.
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    Capturing Audio From Cassette

    Digital Guru. Yes I checked all the connections to see if they are well-seated. And the only inputs on here are the Microphone and the Stereo Mix. I even did a system restore, still not working. There is no movement of the bar. The capturing is in Red, saying it is recording. I am at a total loss as to how to get it to work now. So I hope you can help me?? I sure would appreciate that. Thanks Default is on Speakers
  8. DncngSpirit

    Capturing Audio From Cassette

    Here is the DxDiag.txt file. I am hoping that is the right one?DxDiag.txt