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    Videowave Stopped Working

    Jim, Sorry didn't mean to be unappreciative, just getting totally frustrated. I did try several files but the result is always the same. I even tried a file that previously worked ok. I'm going to try installing both versions on my old laptop to see if they work on that. I also checked my version of Java which is the latest available update. I'm not going to give up yet because when Roxio works it works well so if you have any other suggestions I would be most appreciative.
  2. musicmonster

    Videowave Stopped Working

    Getting really disillusioned with Roxio products. In desperation tried uninstalling Creator NXT Pro3 and reinstalling Roxio Creator NXT 2 with the Blu-ray HD Plugin which previously worked ok. Guess what it no longer works ..... says CPS CommonTools15.dll is missing, try reinstalling to solve problem. I've decided Roxio products are just not worth bothering with.... they are a total waste of time and money. Not to mention their appalling aftermarket support. Think I'll write it off as a bad experience and find a decent alternative.
  3. musicmonster

    Videowave Stopped Working

    Hi Jim, Tried what you suggested .... disabled everything then ran repair on the Roxio Installation Disc but it made no difference. Every time I try to add a new movie to burn to blu-ray I still get the same error message 'Videowave Stopped Working' and the application closes.
  4. musicmonster

    Videowave Stopped Working

    Thanks I'll try it.
  5. musicmonster

    Videowave Stopped Working

    When using RoxioMyDVD in Creator NXT Pro 3 every time I try to add a new movie to the menu to burn to Bluray disc I get the error 'VideoWave Stopped Working' and the application closes. Has anyone encountered this problem or has a possible solution. I did not get this problem when using Creator NXT Pro 2.