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  1. When I ripped the first Cd of the set of 4, Creator retireved the Album and track information OK. Now when I insert ANY disk (including the one for which it found the information before) there is no information retrieved - and there are no error messages. It seems like the sofware is not trying to access the online database.
  2. The Best Of Broadway The Late 40's iTunes is able to find the album and track information OK but Creator doesn't even try
  3. I am using the Rip for Cd's (Import/Rip). The Cd is read but only displays track number. Album and Track information is not retrieved. Thanks
  4. I am running Creator 2012 on Windows XP. Creator will no longer retrieve album and track information when a CD is inserted. Retrieval works OK with iTunes but not Creator 2012. I can not find any setting in the Creator menu to re-enable this feature. Reinstallation of Creator 2012 did not fix the problem. I would appreciate any help. Thanks