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  1. I'm using MyDVD in Roxio Creator NXT Pro7 and I would like to adjust the amount of time the audio plays on a menu in a DVD I'm creating. I can change the audio to whatever I want, using MP3 files, but it only plays for about 15 seconds and then stops and starts over. How can I get it to play the entire audio clip (160 seconds) and then start over?
  2. Yes, I was able to process MTS files with NXT 3 last December and even earlier this year. I haven't made any system changes outside of Windows updates. I did find a work around by changing the file extension to .M2TS but why should I have to do that when I was able to use the native MTS files previously?
  3. I download video clips off of my Canon HF S21 camera to my pc (windows 7 Home Premium, 64 bit) in .MTS format. When I go to open them in Video Wave to start a new production it will not recognize them. I have had this camera for 2 years and just now this problem came up. I used it all last year and then late last year updated to NXT Pro3 with no issues at that time. This s a new problem. Any suggestions?