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    Green Screen Problem

    Thank you for replying. I have a usb logitech mouse and logitech speakers that fonction properly in other usb ports. I have tried in the different ports but it does not seem to cahnge anything. The VCR is hooked up to the roxio video capture device/adapter. I am using the three color cables (red/yellow/white). I am afraid I am not sure what PAL means so it may be that I am using it. Okay, as I was writing this I decided to verify once more if I had tried all USB port and tried other stuff and I managed to make it work! What I did is a right-clicked the icon of the program and clicked troubleshoot compatibility. Windows troubleshooted and for the first time of the many times I've tried troubleshooting with other programs it actually worked! So my problem is solved. Thank you for the answer mr. Digital Guru.
  2. Bob Barker

    Green Screen Problem

    Hello, I have connected all the cable of my VCR to the USB device as requested but I can never get video on the preview screen. All I get is a green screen and sometimes the sound works for a few seconds but no more. My problem is NOT that I don't have a video signal, it is that when the program detects the tape it won't show anything. I am using an ASUS computer and am relatively sure the problem is not the USB port. If anyone know what to do please help me.