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  1. I was able to install New Creator NXT Pro 3. by first reinstalling the old version of Creator NXT Pro. I purchased Creator NXT Pro 3 an an upgrade. thanks George
  2. Thanks I sent Rox-Ralf a message. I purchased Creator NXT Pro 3 as an upgrade in April 2015.
  3. New Creator NXT Pro 3 install after a Win 7 64 bit clean install. Creator NXT Pro 3 worked fine before the Win 7 64 bit clean install. Error message “Creator NXT Pro 3 setup was interrupted. Your system was not modified. To install this program at a later time, please run the installation again.” I Googled the error message and tried several of the suggestions found I’m installing from a download, so I tried moving the files to the desktop and this install received the same error. I looked in the Windows folder -> System32 folder for a file called dsetup.dll but there was none. I tried installing is safe mode with and without “as administrator” In safe mode as administrator I get the error code 0641. Now I get the message "Key has been used too many times." The log files are attached. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks George LogFile 15-06-16 19-35.zip