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  1. As mr "myguggi" said i added the screen shots to original post. And im sorry but i am computer illiterate when it comes to that stuff as i have no idea how to do what your first suggestion was. I wanna say that my video card is not an NVIDIA.

    (EDIT) Upon a quck google search. My Graphics Processor is an AMD Mobility Radeon HD 7640G

  2. hello so i've had my roxio hd pro for awhile (before next gen) yes i've updated as seen in the screenshot provided

    my problem is that whenever i record, i get this weird distorted pixelation lag type that seems to happen when there is some action going on like in call of duty. any advice on how to fix? thank you.

    here is a sample vid of what im talking about


    vw_auto_saved_project.jpg 1.bmp