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  1. Yes I did. The same thing is in the manual that came with the turntable. Bill EDIT: When I have some time and get an adapter ,I think I will try and connect the RCA plugs from the turntable to the line in on sound card. Logically that should work
  2. The one that says LPs/cassettes. Even when I try the editor I cant hear it while recording. I am beginning to think that its the lack of a 'monitor input' feature in EMC Thanks Bill
  3. Amazing I was just about to post the same question. I got an ION for christmas and when I try to record in Roxio I cannot hear any sound from my speakers. It records fine but no sound It works OK with the Audacity software it came with which has an input monitor feature but I cant find a similar feature in Roxio. I am using Vista home premium and so far cant seem to figure it out. I have read IONS FAQs and everything is set up as they suggest. i.e My sound card for playback and the ION USB for the recording input. Thanks Bill
  4. bray

    Printing to PDF

    If any others are interested I came across a freeware pdf creator which is vista ready from : http://www.cutepdf.com/ I tested it with EMC 10 and was able to print the calendar to a pdf file. It was a bit slow but it eventually popped up with a window asking for the usual destination and file name. Bill
  5. bray

    Printing to PDF

    Thanks jean I will check that out Bill
  6. bray

    Printing to PDF

    Karri Thats what I had to do; save as jpg first then reprint to pdf. My last version was 7 and I think it was ok. Many thanks Bill
  7. EMC10 with Vista After creating a calendar project I cannot print it to PDF. It is a recognized printer in my printer selection. EMC starts the print dialog and then it disappears without doing anything further. Any ideas how to fix this? I would like to email the final result in PDF Many thanks Bill
  8. Thanks Gary. Your tip led me to a feature I did not see in that there is a "new" button which allows me to custom define MPEG2 video & audio output settings which work Thanks again Bill
  9. This is not a Roxio problem but I am requesting some help and advice . I am now running EMC10 on Vista. Previously had EMC7 on XP and I was able to output the file in a format that worked but now I cant seem to find the right format in EMC10. Honestly cant even rememebr what it was in 7 but I know I had one that worked well Here is the situation . I create movie slide shows that I stream to my wireless DLINK media player in the living room. Here is the link to the media player : http://www.dlink.com/products/?sec=1&pid=387 You will notice the various formats under the video column that are supported. Not for the life of me can I find a good match up in EMC10 as the output. Only one came close and it was a generic MPEG2 I think and the picture was great but the sound horrible. Any guidance or tips would be most appreciated Thanks Bill
  10. bray

    Audio playlists

    I do not have any DRM music or music purchased online. But as you indicate I guess there is no player so I will stick to WMP. Strange a suite like EMC doesnt have a player Automix is no use to me either as I hoped it would be like a mixer/player. I guess the playlists are for burning stuff. Thanks Bill
  11. I seem to be a bit challenged and cannot find a way to play a playlist that I created in media manager. I was hoping to be able to play the songs in a shuffle style. Is there no built in player other than the preview player which does not accomplish what I want? If so whats the purpose of a playlist. Maybe EMC10 is not designed to be a media player? That would be strange considering the title of the program Even without using the playlist if I go to the all songs folder in media manager I cannto seem to select the songs I want and then play them Auto mix doesnt seem to do what I want either Thanks Bill
  12. bray

    EMC10 startup options

    Thanks Frank. I have done that. Folder monitor seems to be the one that slows things down. Bill
  13. bray

    EMC10 startup options

    Thanks Paul appreciate the reply Bill
  14. bray

    EMC10 startup options

    Finally took the plunge and got it at a good price from Amazon with a $20 rebate so net cost $50. Not bad at all. Running Windows Vista Home Premium on a 3 month old system, and the installation went ok albeit lengthy. I guess for the amount of stuff in the suite it is to be expected. After install and reboot, ny HD started thrashing around and working like beehive. Of course the system became very sluggish and programs slow to open etc. I tried tracking down the reason from task manager and it seems and found some roxio service running at 20-25% CPU usage. I cant recall the file name. I also see a few roxio items in startup from msconfig. I dont know what each does for now and I cant find anything in the program options that shows start up options so I can decided what to run or not run. So my question is where would I go to find such information in the Roxio suite? The usual options has nothing like that Hope I explained correctly Thanks Bill
  15. Cant get simpler than that I can move forward with the purchase Thanks D Bill