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    Recovering Old .pxj Files

    Brendon, Sorry it's taken so long to respond to your post. I am not entirely sure which version of RN! I had on my old pc, but I *think* it was 4.0, or thereabouts. It was definitely one of the older versions. The pc in question was a Dell 8400, if that helps.
  2. ElricofMelnibone

    Recovering Old .pxj Files

    Hello all, I have a large amount of Sonic Record Now! .pxj save files on my old computer. I want to recover them, but the RN! program was corrupted and lost some years back. I have not been able to find a replacement download anywhere. Is there any way to find a download of SRN, or contemporary programs (Roxio or otherwise) that will let me access the saved files? Thanks in advance, and sorry for my noob-ness in all things technical.