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    Downloading Music Legally

    Thanks for the replies. I went ahead and signed up to iTunes @ .99 a song. iTunes downloads the songs in an m4p format, not mp3. This format seems to be familiar with only iTunes. It is great for placing songs onto an iPod or to burn music CD's from your iTunes Music Library. I guess this is perfect. Why else would I want to download these songs. Again, thanks for the advice.
  2. FunMarge

    Downloading Music Legally

    Who is the best provider of legal music downloads? Rhapsody looks popular @ $12.99 a month (unlimited). Any advice?
  3. FunMarge

    Audio Editing

    This should be an easy one. While running VideoWave, when I crop a song in the audio editor, then play it in the slideshow, it plays back at a different place in the song than where I edited it. But if I render the slideshow into a DVD it does play where I cropped it in the editor. This, of course, makes it difficult to sync a picture at a specific point in a song. I have never had this problem before (and I have made over 20 slideshows). I have been using this program for over a year now. I am one of the lucky few that had no problem at the beggining. My first DVD was a 45 minute slideshow... I even burned the DVD with menus. The more I use the program, the more glitchy it gets. I tried to re-install (a few times) but the problems stay with the computer... strange. I have learned to work around most all of the issues that I have encountered with EMC 8. This most recent one, though, is going to be a real problem. Thanks, Mark
  4. FunMarge

    Calendar Software

    I feel like a student that has just been given homework. I will look into this. Thanks
  5. FunMarge

    Calendar Software

    Thanks for all the suggestions. I did Google but was hoping for a "tried and true" recommendation. We have used a few calendar softwares in the past but the "carry events to the next year" feature eludes us. Thanks again.
  6. FunMarge

    Calendar Software

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a good calendar software? Here are my requirements: 1. Import personal photos. 2. Be able to type "events" on dates. 3. Events are saved to that date so they don't have to be retyped the next year. My wife makes photo calendars for our family members each year. She takes the photos down to Kinkos, shows them what photo corresponds to which month, she picks up the completed calendar, she physically writes down the events (birthdays, etc) onto the calendar, then she takes the calendar back to Kinkos to have it laminated. They turn out very nice, but...... besides costing $50 each (yes, that's not a typo) the time involved is amazing. I know that most calendar software will do items #1 and #2 listed above, it's item #3 I'm concerned about. (This will be the time saving feature for us). We have Printshop Deluxe (version 20) but my wife does not like it. There are four disks with this program and you are constantly prompted to insert another disk. I am sure that there are a lot of "greeting card" programs out there that will do this but I really only need the calendar software. Not to sound too cheap, but something under $20 would be great. Any suggestions? Thanks
  7. FunMarge

    Blank Disk Quality

    Remember, I'm a newbie. Okay, I'm a little tired... had a long day at work... but the first part of your last post seems to be in Hebrew. I think the important thing for me to remember is to stop buying 75 DVDs for $2.99 at Best Buy. Stick to name brands (made in Japan?). I'll try Verbatim. Thanks cdanteek
  8. FunMarge

    Blank Disk Quality

    Thanks for the help and thanks for the link cdanteek. Full of information.
  9. FunMarge

    Blank Disk Quality

    I need to throw this question out... is there a marked difference in blank DVD quality? I have made a few video/slideshows with my EMC8 software and the response from the recipients has been rewarding. The problem: I am starting to get feedback that the discs, that use to work fine, now skip or glitch. My advice, of course, was to have them make sure that the disks are smudge and scratch free but they assure me that this is not the problem. What is the problem? It makes no sense to a newbie like myself.
  10. FunMarge

    Photo Transfer From 7.5 To 8

    After reading the posts on these discussion groups, and from my own "limited" experience, go back to 7.5 and pretend that 8.0 never existed. Another tip... don't even try the 8.05 patch... it needs a patch of it's own.
  11. From the day I installed EMC 8 I've had problems that has led to much frustration. I am an "average" computer user so a program without "glitches" is a blessing. I have made some wonderful videos using EMC8 but this has been through a lot of trial and error of what "to do" and what "not to do". When the update came out (emc80_805_update) I couldn't wait to install this patch and start using the program again. Now most of the programs do not even load. The main "menu" of EMC8 loads but click on any of the prgrams and nothing happens... as if the programs have been taken off the computer. I've read the blogs... "uninstall and reinstall because a file might be corrupt", or "Download the patch again because the download might be corrupt". I've decided to uninstall EMC8, re-install the original version and just learn to live with Roxio's version of Micrsoft's Windows ME fiasco. I've heard that Pinnacle's Studio Plus 10 is an excellent software... I will check and see.