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    Roxio Resolution Error

    i open the entail software to display capture and the edit tabs and i get this message i adjust the screen to top peak 1380 by 768 and still get the message i have unistaled the program the reinstalled the program and the issue stays please someone help me .
  2. chuckufarley81

    Roxio Resolution Error

    hello anybody here need help its been close to 2 weeks am i never going to find a solution to this issue your software is messed up and i dont know how to fix it even after repairing uninstalling and reinstalling it still will not work ive done as you have said and still to no prevail dpi text and screen resolution still shrink even if set to what you told me for the love of all that is gaming help me!!!!!!??????
  3. chuckufarley81

    Roxio Resolution Error

    i have did as you said and still nothing i still get the screen \