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  1. Hello Jim, I wish you were right for my installation. See the attached screen shot. It has been upgraded to the latest version and clearly it does NOT have the features you are showing. Any idea where to get a proper upgrade that has all the "promised" features? Thanks. Myron Achtman Calgary
  2. VHS to DVD 3 Plus I have done comprehensive testing of this product. Here are my observations: 1) Using the S-Connector and "average quality" VHS tapes, this product absolutely requires a TBC (Time Base Corrector) connected to the VCR playback deck in order to obtain a usable DVD. 2) Even with a TBC, a usable DVD can only be obtained using the "BEST" recording mode. Any lower recording mode results in an unusable DVD. Way too much "video noise" (ie: visual artifacts). 3) Even with a TBC and recording a 30-minute tape in the "BEST" mode, the resulting DVD has more "video noise" than a DVD that is created using standard practices. By standard practices, I mean capturing video to a DV-AVI file (using a program like Adobe Premiere) and then encoding and outputting a DVD at 6.6 Mbps (CBR) I returned the product for a full refund. Myron Achtman Calgary, AB