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    Mydvd Burn Stops At 97%

    Sorry for the delay -- it's been a busy week. I made an ISO image of the project. No problems. So I burned it to disk (another Memorex DL). Then I stuck both that disk and the one burned directly from MyDVD into my standalone Sony BluRay player. They both worked like a charm. I kind of expected that from the ISO-sourced disk. But I never though the direct-burned one would play. After all, the burn on that one had stopped at 97% and frozen the program. Any ideas as to what's going on? I'm not complaining at this point, and will use the ISO-to-DVD method on all future projects, but it would be nice to know why this happened.
  2. njtyro

    Mydvd Burn Stops At 97%

    Will try to play, then burn an ISO, and let you know. Thanks for responding.
  3. I'm trying to burn a video I captured off a Betamax (yes, Betamax!) videotape using MyDVD from the NXT Pro 2.0 package on a Windows 7 64-bit machine. The source file is .mpg and is 5.91 GB, just about 2 hours in length. After setting up the basic menu in MyDVD the final burn file runs a little over 6 GB. I'm burning to a Memorex DVD+R DL (double layer) disc with 8.5 GB capacity. Everything goes smoothly until the last step (Complete) when the burn process hangs at 97% (seemingly a magic number ifor Roxio disasters). I've waited 30 minutes and no luck. The burn progress window does not respond to clicking Cancel. Even Task Manager can't close the program -- it keeps telling me there's a window that's waiting for an answer (there is none). The only way I can close Roxio and unlock the disk drive is reboot. Any ideas? Does MyDVD not handle DL disks? Would Videowave be better?
  4. I'm using Roxio NXT Pro 2's Sound Editor to capture/digitize audio from LPs and cassettes, divide the results into tracks, and save as WAV files, complete with metadata tags that I enter. Then I export the files to a NAS unit for access over my network. But when I try to access them, either with a music player or from my PC, all I get is a Title -- no artist, album etc. Some or all of the tags I entered appear as part of the Title, severely shortened. What's going wrong? Any suggestions?
  5. Thanks for all your help, guys. I looked at Autorun --> Pictures and it was already set to "Ask me every time." So I uninstalled the card reader in Device Manager, without removing the driver, shut down the computer completely, and restarted. Windows expressed unhappiness that something wasn't responding, then announced it was installing drivers. Result: the card reader works again. Brendon said uninstalling shouldn't be necessary, but might fix something that's broken, and it did. Jim Hardin: thanks for the offer, but I wound up with enough snow to keep me happy. Back in business!
  6. Will do and will let you know -- after I clear all this snow off my driveway!
  7. Thanks for the reply. I've done some poking around. The card reader does not appear in the Autorun listing as a device (I couldn't tell you if it ever did), and Dell's online diagnostic program couldn't see the card reader either. In case something in NXT2 was blocking access I used SlimCleaner to remove Roxio burn launcher, watch tray, and hard drive watch from my startup list, but still no luck. The card reader does show up in Device Manager, where it's listed as "working properly." Should I be thinking about uninstalling the card reader and letting it reinstall on the next startup?
  8. I have a strange problem. My desktop PC has a built-in memory card reader (SD, Compact Flash, SM, etc.) which worked fine until I uninstalled Creator 2010 and replaced it with NXT2. Now when I stick a memory card in, nothing happens. I don't get the popup menu, it doesn't show up in My Computer -- nothing. After installing NXT2 I did turn off Roxio Burn, as I found it annoying. But I did that with Creator 2010 too with no ill effects, so I can't imagine that would cause this problem. Why can't my computer see the card reader any more? Did installing NXT2 change some device setting? I'm using Windows 7 SP1. Thanks for any help you can offer.
  9. njtyro

    d2d disc full

    Many thanks to both of you. I'll copy the files onto the desktop and start over with a fresh (or freshly erased/reformatted) disc. It almost makes you long for the days of floppies. I'm even getting nostalgic for my old tape backup!
  10. njtyro

    d2d disc full

    I upgraded to EMC 9 a week ago. Since then drag-to-disc has been a drag. When I insert a CD-RW I was using with d2d from the EMC 8 package, the desktop icon appears as usual. But hovering the mouse over it calls up a message that "free space + 0 KB. The disc is full." I've been backing up Quicken data on this disc. There's actually only about 4 MB worth of files on it. When I view disc contents, the program tells me that the file system is UDF 1.5, free space is 0 bytes, and total size is 538 MB. If I drag new files over anyway to overwrite the old ones, the message says the disc may be write-protected. Most recently, the Windows CD Wizard stepped in front of d2d, and appeared ready to write to the disc (which it identified as UDF). When I told it to do its thing, it insisted there was no disc in the drive. This is driving me crazy. What gives? Is the disc toast? Is it d2d? Should I even be using d2d? If not, how do I remove it? Thanks for any help you can offer.