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    Stops Recording

    Hmmm, Well what do you do haha Ill try a few things and if I need to Ill just hit play and stop a lot. Where there is a will there is a way! Thank you both for your responses!
  2. Steven_0

    Stops Recording

    Hello Roxio Forums! I really love this thing! It's the first of many VHS to DVD programs/hardware that really works! I have one issue with it however. I noticed everytime I record it works great up untill the video hits a spot that has no video. The recording stops. I'm guessing the program thinks the video is done but this homemade video was created like this. We did the video like a start stop kind of thing. Film one part stop, film agian stop, ect ect ect. Long story short (Sorry) Is there a way to make it keep recording no matter what. I don't care if there are blank spots because the VHS is like that. Thank you ahead of time! Steven