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    Editing Imbedded Audio

    Just found out that my "friend" Had copied a section of a commercial movie, so I may be screwed. I'll go find Karri's videos.
  2. rockh12000

    Editing Imbedded Audio

    Thank you for the detailed screenshots. I must be doing something wrong, because I can't my edits to match yours I dinked with this for an hout, until I got disgusted and thought I'd better quit before I destroyed the #@%*!! computer. I'll try a gain tomorrow.
  3. rockh12000

    Editing Imbedded Audio

    HMMM. I'll try it. I must say here that all I ever used previous versions for was cd burning I'm fairly literate on OS, not applications So I have a rather steep learning curve! I also do the video for my church which is why I upgraded. All that said, I didn't find the help system to be illuminating.
  4. rockh12000

    Editing Imbedded Audio

    I have a video that I got from a friend. Unfortunately, it has some (very)objectionable words. How can I remove the bad stuff and keep the rest?