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    Runtime Error Crash When Capturing

    Hi folks, brand new here. Got the system hooked up and it recorded two short video game captures just fine but now when I record something of just :30 the software locks up when I click the Stop Capture button and gives me the following: Runtime Error! Program:... Game Capture HD PRO\Media Import\MediaCapture\Game1X.exe This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. My specs HP box, AMD II X2 220 2.8 GHz 64-bit OS 4 GB RAM AMD Radeon HD 5450 Windows 7 Home Premium Game Capture Pro (Build 102B22A) I tried reinstalling but did NOT get the repair function I have seen mentioned in some other threads, I reinstalled and tried with the older version and the most recent version but still have this problem. Any ideas? kind regards
  2. MarkNeu

    Runtime Error Crash When Capturing

    I bought it from Amazon.
  3. MarkNeu

    Runtime Error Crash When Capturing

    Thanks for the response. I did what you asked and I am still having problems with runtime errors. The software appears to be working fine until I click the Stop Capture button. At that point I get the same runtime error. I don't know if this has any bearing on the topic but the software never asked me for a serial number at any point during the install process. I have one on the CD sleeve but was never asked to input it. What is the next step?