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    Roxio Only Shows On Computer

    sorry i threw my box away but heres a picture of my cd and cd code, ill ask my mom if she has the receipt
  2. Lilty890

    Roxio Only Shows On Computer

    I recently figured out that its just the Y component that dosent work, do you know if roxio can give me a replacement game capture.
  3. Lilty890

    Roxio Only Shows On Computer

    Yes everything is ok on the computer its just the tv that dosent show any display of the ps3
  4. Hi I had my roxio game capture for about five months now and it now decided to stop working. When I plug up my component cables strait from the ps3 into the tv it works, but when I plug the component cables that came with the roxio into the tv the picture dosen't show. Usually I can solve this problem with a display reset (holding down the power button until the second beep) but I've done that five times and the picture still dosen't show. If someone could help me fix this problem that would be greatly appreciated.