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  1. robgr

    Reduce Dvd Volume

    Thanks loads - the problem was, that "Show advanced audio masterings settings" in preferences:audio was not checked. Checking the box made the gains appear across the top of the covert window. From there everything worked. I appreciate your help.
  2. robgr

    Reduce Dvd Volume

    Thanks - Everything went as you advised, but I get lost when I get to the Gain adjustment in Toast's Convert - I even turned on advanced audio mastering, but can't find anything related to gain. I've never attempted something like this before, so a little detailed guidance would be appreciated! e.g. Does "Gain" have some other designation? Thanks for your help robgr
  3. robgr

    Reduce Dvd Volume

    I have a dvd whose volume is too loud. Is there a way to duplicate this dvd but reduce its volume?