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  1. Jean, I tried to use this manual method. I got an alpha-numeric product key which when I attempted to use it on the final step I got a message that the key must be all numeric. It seem absolutely bazaar that Roxio users have to go through these computer "gymnastics" in order to make the program work. I am ready to throw the program out into the garbage.
  2. jack625

    MPEG-2 Activation Warning in My DVD

    Has anybody heard anything from ROXIO on this issue? Will there be a "fix" forthcoming? I've been reading many imaginative ideas and "computer gymnastics" attempting to resolve this MPEG-2 codec issue. However, why should people who have paid a lot of money for this program have to go through the proverbial "tortures of the damned" in order to get this program to work!!?? Perhaps Roxio should get into the mix and solve the problem before customers start throwing out the program and contacting the computer media to voice their displeasure?
  3. I'm having a number of problems with EMC 9, most of which are attributable to video drivers. However, during capture mode I've noticed that when scene changes take place separate clips are shown. This is good except that when the capture ends, all the "clips" are rolled into one. When I go to edit mode in videowave I then have this single clip to split into scenes manually. What am I doing wrong? Why don't the separate video clips seen during capture stay, and be movable to videowave edit mode as separate clips representing different scenes?