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  1. Harc The Shark

    Game Capture Hd, Tv Unsupported?

    So I got that splitter and it didn't work. So I guess I'm going to be getting a new tv. This is the one I have on 2 month Layaway at Walmart. http://www.amazon.com/VIZIO-D32h-C0-32-Inch-720p-LED/dp/B00SMBETLU This should work. If not then I'm giving up lol.
  2. Harc The Shark

    Game Capture Hd, Tv Unsupported?

    Alright cool, I'll try it.
  3. Harc The Shark

    Game Capture Hd, Tv Unsupported?

    You're positive this one works?
  4. Harc The Shark

    Game Capture Hd, Tv Unsupported?

    I get a good picture on my RGC screen. Just nothing on my TV. I'm tempted to just steal the front room tv lol. I'm gonna wait for someone else to recommend me one that actually works. I don't want to spend another 20 bucks and wait over a week just to find out it doesn't work again.
  5. Harc The Shark

    Game Capture Hd, Tv Unsupported?

    Well I got a splitter and it still isn't working. I have Xbox 360 HDMI to Splitter Input Splitter Output 1 to RGC Splitter Output 2 to TV Still getting nothing on my tv. It's a Maxhood 1080p hdmi 2 port 1x2 powered amplified splitter v1.4 http://www.amazon.com/HDMI-Splitter-1080P-Powered-Amplifier/dp/B00P8KN49G/ref=pd_sim_sbs_23_4?ie=UTF8&refRID=0WYKPQP887Z840RZEM2G&dpID=41ImDXW5xNL&dpSrc=sims&preST=_AC_UL160_SR160%2C160_ If this is not a splitter you can use, can you send me a link to one that will? This is so much more of a hassle to set up than I ever thought it would be. So much extra money I have to spend >.<
  6. Harc The Shark

    Game Capture Hd, Tv Unsupported?

    I will get a Splitter then. Thank you.
  7. Harc The Shark

    Game Capture Hd, Tv Unsupported?

    I just got the RGCHD and installed the software. I hooked up my Xbox 360 to the device using HDMI cords, and while the picture on my Laptop is fine, the picture on the TV is not. The picture on the TV keeps flickering in and out. While it was flickering, I made sure my Console settings were on 720p/1080i, since it does not support 1080p. Still glitchy. Then I decided to take it out to the front room (where I rarely get to the tv out there) and sure enough, it works on that TV, which is newer than the one I have in my room (Mine is an Olevia, not sure which model, One in living room is a Vizio) Furthermore, Component cords work on both my tv and FR tv. Edit: Olevia is like 6/7 year old Could it just be because of HDCP? Or is there something else it could be?
  8. Harc The Shark

    Video/image Brightness Dark

    I did, it didn't do a thing. It's like it's taking parts of the images and making them darker, some parts of the image get brighter, while the other areas stay the same. (dark) However I have found a temporary fix, moving all the settings to the highest they can go then moving them back down to mid range.
  9. I've had my Roxio Gamecap (standard) for 3 years, haven't had many problems with it. Now, the brightness is very dark, and I can't find a way to fix it. It looks fine on my TV. Computer specs Acer Aspire E 17 Windows 8.1 64 bit OS x64 bit based processor *Intel Pentium quad core processor N3540 (2.66GHz) *Intel HD Graphics *4 GB DDR3 L Memory *500 GB HDD I know my graphics card isn't the best, but it worked fine before. I'm thinking it's just the card starting to break down, but I figured I'd post it here and see if I could find a way to fix it.