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    Help Please With My Set Up

    Hi, Yes I unplugged the composite cable. I'm not sure what you mean by changing the inputs on the tv?. I changed the channel from AV to HDMI channel? is this what you mean? Finally, I didn't change the setting in the xbox dashboard to HDMI - I will try this when I get home from work today - hopefully this will resolve the problem. Many thanks for taking the time to reply
  2. AbstractSigns

    Help Please With My Set Up

    Hi, Thanks for the reply. Yes its the Roxio Pro that I have bought. The xbox 360 was originally (and still is) set up with the composite wires (the tv is "hdmi ready") Along with the Roxio Pro, I bought 2 x hdmi cables. As per the set up, I've got an hdmi cable from Roxio to Tv Ive got an hdmi cable from Roxio to Xbox 360 Ive got an usb cable from Roxio to coomputer. When I plug the cables in as above, the xbox loses connection with the tv
  3. AbstractSigns

    Help Please With My Set Up

    Help please, I am not techically minded so pelase bear with me. I have recently bought the Roxio software to enable my son to record game footage from his XBox 360 and to upload it onto you tube. The xbox is currently connected to the tv via the 3 coloured wires (red, white, yellow?) When I connect the roxio to the xbox via a hdmi cable the xbox goes off and I get a blank screen. The xbox works on the coloured wires until I connect it via the roxio with hdmi cables Can anybody help please? All my son wanted for his birthday was to upload videos and Ive spent a week trying to get it working to no avail Thanks in advance for any replies.