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    No Video Signal But Audio Works

    I have been putting the videos to my hard drive then later burning the video to DVD but I am still having the same issue. It is my assumption that the video signal is too weak. But I will keep trying and keep you all posted on what happens. Thanks for the help.
  2. musiclover15

    No Video Signal But Audio Works

    I know several people have posted about issues with "no video signal" and I have read through most of them and have not found anything that worked. I am trying to transfer VHS tapes to DVD and I can hear the audio the entire time but the video will play for a second then say "no video signal" then start playing again after a few seconds then go back to "no video signal". When I fast forward or rewind the video shows up the whole time but when playing at regular speed it is in and out. I have tried reinstalling the program and tried to repair the installed version and neither worked. If anyone knows what might be causing the problem please help. Thanks!