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  1. nicknameless

    no drive detected

    the device manager says everything is fine. the drive works with everything else, but with emc9. it just wont find any devices.
  2. nicknameless

    no drive detected

    roxio cant find my dvd drive. none of the drop-down menu's have anything under them
  3. nicknameless

    XP wont work after install restart

    nope, anyone else have this problem? ideas would be appreciated. thanks for everyone whos helping
  4. nicknameless

    XP wont work after install restart

    ok i got it to install and xp to start now. but amazingly my dvd drive isnt detected anymore. this thing has all kinds of problems. thanks for your help by the way
  5. when i try to add a .avi file to a my dvd project, the audio on the menu and on the regular movie has really loud static. this is the only program where this problem takes place. any idea would be appreciated. thanks
  6. nicknameless

    XP wont work after install restart

    how do you choose not to install drag-to-disc?
  7. nicknameless

    XP wont work after install restart

    xp home sp2, amd 64x2, 1 gb ram, 160 gb sata-4, easy cd creator 6 is on there, i try to uninstall but there are all kinds of problems with installing it, some file is running and i cant find it in system processes or the system tray to end it. its not on the startup list on msconfig. i deleted the files and tried re-install, same problem
  8. when i install media creator 9 it requires me to restart and when i do it takes 20 times longer to get windows to startup and then once it does nothing works and i have to do a system restore. any ideas?