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    I Need Help!

    I fixed everything it was my HDMI to AVI adapter i changed it out and now it works fine
  2. IamDehydrated

    I Need Help!

    There is no "no signal" on the software Im just not getting any video output to my tv on status it says ready and it is green
  3. IamDehydrated

    I Need Help!

    The no signal is on my monitor. Everything on the Game Capture is working fine its just i am getting no video output on my TV or MONITOR i have tried everything
  4. IamDehydrated

    I Need Help!

    I just purchased th Roxio Game Capture HD Pro and it is showing on the Preview screen my xbox one gameplay but it is not showing up on my monitor or my tv but on my monitor it keeps showing no signal and it wont even show up on my tv and i have tried 3 different HDMI cables and nothing so far has worked. Please help!