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    Recording Cuts Out

    Ah, thank you for the advice, guys ! Though I have some questions, if you don't mind. How would I "pass it through"? Assuming I used a camcorder or something similar, would I need two S-Video cables? One to go to video device, and the other to link back to my computer through the Roxio adapter? Thousands of words regarding this topic would admittedly be boring. Having to babysit it, while certainly doable, would be tiresome since there’d be gaps in between the footage and audio. Still, if I can’t find myself some kind of relaying device, then I’ll have to go with that since, from what I’ve seen glancing around, video camcorders ain't cheap.
  2. Hello Roxio community! I'm exhuasted at the moment so I'll get straight the point without setting up a thousands words worth of prelude – apologies if I come off as (or am I being) curt. When I try and export contents off of some VHS recording that are filled with Christmas recordings and Fishing trips (amongst other precious memories), the recording function cuts out despite the fact I've set it to record for the next hour or so. I'm using the composite cables (red and white) with an S-Video adapter to sync it to my computer, if that helps. Does anyone have an idea on how I can resolve this little dilemma? Thank you for your time.