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    Used A Canon Mini Dv With S Cable?

    Just wanted to share - I've continued to hunt around and found that there's a hidden audio output under a piece of the camera that I didn't remember. Had to order the cable, but that's why it wasn't working; this camera has seperate audio and video outputs.
  2. Anyone successfully used this combination? I've got an S-cable hooked up directly to the camera into the Roxio adapter. Great video, but no sound. The sound only comes out of the camcorder and I can't find a setting to override it. I've tried from the control panel to make the audio come through the speakers without the Roxio software and unsuccessful there as well. I suspect it's a setting on the camera, not the Roxio software because I can easily record VHS without an issue. I have the camera set to AV out for audio output (and tried the other setting too but still doesn't work). Anyone have a tip?
  3. Anyone done this successfully? Just got a s video cable today, hooked it up to the Mini DV camera, and get video only; no audio. The VHS capture worked perfectly, but I'm getting no audio on the S video cable, no matter what I do. Tried changing options in my camera output, made sure that the recording default is the Roxio USB adapter, but still no audio (however, the video is crystal clear).