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  1. I have been using Easy Creator 2010 and was able to capture audio from the DVD using tabs under Videowave. I am now using Roxio Creator 2011 and can't seem to find a way to capture audio from the DVD, Is it possible to do what I want to do?
  2. ShermanNC

    Capturing Audio From A Dvd Using Creator 2011

    Brendon and Jim This is what is displayed on your work: Movie, Playtime, Selected Language: English (AC3 Stereo) This is what is displayed on my work: Movie, Playtime, Selected Language: 1. unspecified (AC3 Stereo) In setting up the Emerson DVD recorder, the language is set as English, subtitles as English. I have no idea which codec code is used with the Emerson Recorder EWH100F. The 2010 Creator does all that I need to do. It will extract from the DVD, IFO file. I can also capture as .mpg file. The 2011 Creator Pro captures video but not audio. Please send instructions on how to do a re-install. I have the disc for Creator 2011. Thanks Sherman
  3. ShermanNC

    Capturing Audio From A Dvd Using Creator 2011

    I appreciate the screen captures that you used in your illustration of the method. Which screen capture program did you use? I am very interested in learning how it is done since I teach a beginners class in computers at the local YMCA. Sherman
  4. ShermanNC

    Capturing Audio From A Dvd Using Creator 2011

    Jim I have been working on the method that you sent me. I have learned a lot about Creator 2010 in studying your methods but I still can not get sound with Creator 2011. I am wondering if I need to reinstall it. I too believe it has something to do with the encode/decode difference between the Emerson recorder and the Creator program. I show how the method that you outlined worked but the last part with the audio track did not work.
  5. ShermanNC

    Capturing Audio From A Dvd Using Creator 2011

    My way of capturing video to my computer using 2011 Creator Pro 1. Insert a video DVD in the computer's DVD drive. 2. Open the Roxio program. 3. In the Roxio Home, click the Video-Movies category, and then click Capture Video. 4. Using Media Import's Device drop-down list, select DVD. 5. Select the movie that is on the DVD (This is a DVD of my church's morning service that I recorded on an Emerson DVD recorder) 6. Browse to the folder for storage of the file. 7. Rename the file in the TEXT box. 8. Click the IMPORT NOW button. The mpeg file can be viewed in the selected folder after completion. Selecting the file in the folder and selecting PREVIEW the file will play with sound. Opening the file in Videowave, the file will play but without sound. This afternoon I have used Windows Live Movie Maker and added the same captured stored video file and burned a DVD. The DVD plays with sound with the DVD player in the Roxio program. This is as complete as I know how to explain it. There must be something missing in the Roxio program. You are correct about the change in question. My original question was extracting the audio file directly from the DVD. This would be the most direct method of getting the audio file. This is possible with Creator 2010. Since I could not find a way to do that, the next idea that was presented to me was to extract the audio file after the captured video was imported into Videowave. However, if I import the captured video file into Videowave, the audio part does not give any sound. The problem seems to be with the importing of the captured video file into Videowave. It seems that the audio component of the file is not imported.
  6. ShermanNC

    Capturing Audio From A Dvd Using Creator 2011

    I found the way that you showed me to extract the audio from video opened videowave. I can capture the video from the DVD and play the file with Windows Media player from its file location. However, when I open the file captured from the DVD into videowave, there is no sound in the playback. Do you know of any settings that I am overlooking?
  7. Remove all of Roxio fragments before you install. Follow the following directions in the order below: 1. Download and install Revo uninstaller (http://www.revouninstaller.com/), Then run it in Moderate Mode to remove all traces of Roxio. 2. Create a new user account with Administrator Privileges. 3. Turn Off the antivirus program and firewall. 4. Reboot and log on to the new account. 5. Copy your entire disc to a new folder on your hard drive. 6. In the new folder, right click on Setup.exe and select Properties. 7. Under the Compatibility tab, make sure nothing is checked. 8. Right click Setup.exe again and select Open. 9. Allow the program to check for Roxio updates. 10. Use the default locations for storing program. 11. When Install completes, turn your antivirus and firewall back on and reboot. 12. Logon with your user account and try your program. Hope that this works for you.