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  1. I just tried to used a separate program than what was giving to me in the box and the problem persisted. Just as an FYI
  2. Ok well I tried repairing the files and it didn't work after a few tries so I took the unit back to Microcenter and exchanged it with a new one and the problem still persisted but now I am getting a pop-up that says something about an error in the script, I have tried repairing about 4-5 times and the error script comes and goes but the problem is still there. Also I noticed that the light that indicates that it was ready to record on the unit itself isn't shining anymore. I don't know if that is a huge detail or not but I just wanted to tell you.
  3. That didn't help but I already posted my dxdiag up a couple comments.Hope it helps
  4. The problem is that when I go to record anything or if I am just idle the screen twitches and acts funny and when I finally record something the audio sounds funny, you can find videos of whats going on up in the original post
  5. Here you go. DxDiag.txt
  6. I recently bought a Roxio Game Capture from my local Microcenter and I went home hooked it up and tried to record some stuff but there are some errors that I can't seem to fix. I looked up the problem online and no one had the same problem as I have. I have recorded two videos as examples (http://youtu.be/dFI6-bv5cCU) (http://youtu.be/OtFpK4jLiZo) the first link is of my playing Super Smash Bros. on my Wii and the second link is to me playing CoD: Modern Warfare 2 on my Xbox 360, they are both raw footage never edited or anything I just recorded them and wanted to upload them to the forum so I could get some help.