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  1. Thank you for the help - I do suspect the drive. I was able to make a disc using a portable drive from another computer.
  2. I got a new product key - more like 17 characters excluding dashes. I thought that the new copy was an upgrade - my mistake. My copy stopped working - after quite a long period of good performance. Would it help to uninstall the existing copy and then re-download the new copy?
  3. When NXT 3 failed, I ordered another copy which I assumed was an upgrade. I could not find an "about" tab to describe the specific version that I have been using. The order was accepted. Is the "setup" component the item that you refer to as the "main program"? Would it help to download that again and see if it offers an opportunity to install a key?
  4. I have been using NXT3 for some time. It stopped working - would not create a viable disk. Internal diagnostics indicated that the drive was OK. I ordered the upgrade to Creator NXT 3. The download included "setup" and "Content" and included a product key. "Setup" installed but did not request a key. "Content" finally installed, but will not work - no new desktop icon, etc. The installation process indicated that the previous version had been uninstalled, but it still opens (still does not work). I could use any advice that you can provide - i have spent too much time on this.
  5. NXT Content finallly installed but does not allow entry of license key.