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    Making DVD movies

    Under "edit video - advanced". You can create your movie with pics (jpg) and videos from a camera, etc. On Roxio 2011 you would create your video using this application and go to "dvd" and it would bring you to the next application where you would give it a "Menu" and were able to "burn to disc". I know you can't do this with "6", but after you convert it to "DVD" using this application, how can I burn it to a DVD?
  2. Roxio2770

    Making DVD movies

    I brought it over from NXT pro 6 - in the create a movie part of the program. However, when I brought it over the program gave it music which I did not want: my videos have their own sound. How do I bring it over and burn it as is?
  3. Roxio2770

    Making DVD movies

    I created a movie with JPG and MP2's but can't find a way to burn it to disc so I can play in on a DVD. Please help.