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  1. Roxio2770

    Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus

    My VHS to DVD cd's won't work any more. They are too corrupted. I don't want to ruin my install disks of Creator 6. It's my last one. I am going to try to contact the roxio support next week and see what they suggest. I may load the program on my laptop to see if that works. Thanks for your help Don
  2. Roxio2770

    Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus

    I did some more investigating - took me a couple of day - and found out that whenever I installed the Roxio VHS to DVD program while my Roxio Creator 6 was on my computer that The vhs to DVD program would not run - "no video" - because it was somehow corrupting the Creator 6 program and the VHS to DVD program was going to the Creator 6 program for files - which were corrupted. I had to reinstall the Creator 6 program - after uninstalling the VHS to DVD program -. Now all my VHS to DVD program CD's got corrupted during this process of uninstalling and reinstalling the program and will no longer work. By the time I got around to just trying to install the VHS to DVD program by itself the original program got corrupted and the CD's are no longer usable. I believe that Roxio has a problem with their software. I use the Creator 6 program all the time and that was my primary concern. I still haven't heard back from Roxio support help. While I was deleting files from my computer - at the direction from Roxio Support - I noticed that both programs have similar file names and I believe that this is their problem: that's why the programs go back and forth to each other to get necessary functions. I am still waiting to hear from Support. I will try to contact them again next week. Thanks. Don
  3. Roxio2770

    Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus

    I am using Roxio Easy VHS to DVD Plus with windows 10 OS. I am trying to transfer (copy) a VHS tape to a DVD. I keep on getting "no video" I uninstalled and reinstalled several times. I finally got it to work for 1 VHS but then it stopped working (no video). I am going to try to uninstall the program again and reinstall it to see what happens. The support group is trying to address this problem, too, with no luck. Please help Thanks Don
  4. Roxio2770

    Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus

    I am having problems with my program. It will not receive a video signal. I've tried to get help from support but to no avail. They told me to uninstall and reinstall the program. I did that but then I got an error message. Support chat personnel told me to download the program, which I did, but got the same error message. Can anyone help - PLEASE Thanks Don
  5. Roxio2770

    Making DVD movies

    Under "edit video - advanced". You can create your movie with pics (jpg) and videos from a camera, etc. On Roxio 2011 you would create your video using this application and go to "dvd" and it would bring you to the next application where you would give it a "Menu" and were able to "burn to disc". I know you can't do this with "6", but after you convert it to "DVD" using this application, how can I burn it to a DVD?
  6. Roxio2770

    Making DVD movies

    I brought it over from NXT pro 6 - in the create a movie part of the program. However, when I brought it over the program gave it music which I did not want: my videos have their own sound. How do I bring it over and burn it as is?
  7. Roxio2770

    Making DVD movies

    I created a movie with JPG and MP2's but can't find a way to burn it to disc so I can play in on a DVD. Please help.