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    Only Got Half The Video It Said It Recorded

    If there is a glitch at hour 3, and the first half wasn't saved, WHY DID THE COUNTER KEEP GOING TO 6 HOURS? I wish there was a way to speak slower when typing because you apparently didn't understand the question I was asking. The video file length was 2 hours and 58 minutes, but the recording counter, next to the word "Recording", which is next to an animated circular icon while the recording is in progress, said 6 hours. These numbers should be the same, why weren't they? I dont know how to explain it any clearer. Do you have an answer for that? If there was a glitch and it stopped recording, the counter should have stopped too, am I right? I mean, If you dont have an answer for that, just say so, instead of trying to act all high and mighty and dodging the question. You know, I could tell from the first reply that I got, I wouldn't be getting any help here. But I figured if you all are going to waste my time, I dont feel bad returning the favor. I know I should have paid more attention to the error message, true. But the real issue I have here is the timing inconsistency. If there was a problem, fine, I'll stop it and start over. But I was under the impression it was recording, and I ended up wasting an entire morning. And then I come on here and NOBODY can admit that there is a problem with the software, as far as the interface is concerned. Thanks, for nothing, you all pose as "Digital Gurus" and it seems to me if you can use email you're probably doing pretty good. NEVERMIND. ME TOO.
  2. UncleDaddySwiss

    Only Got Half The Video It Said It Recorded

    Hey, just thought about something- there's an option to record directly to DVD, you wouldn't do that in multiple sessions would you? What's the difference? Anyway, regardless of how or why I did it, the point here is, Why did the counter keep going to 6 hours if it didn't record 6 hours of video? There IS a glitch there, would you not agree, at least where the recording counter is concerned? If I knew it wasnt recording, I wouldn't have wasted 6 hours of my morning.
  3. UncleDaddySwiss

    Only Got Half The Video It Said It Recorded

    Jim_Hardin, don't get all butthurt here, i can't help that people made assumptions that were incorrect, and as far as recording a whole tape in one session or multiple sessions, if the software can't handle or wasn't designed to be able to do that, it should be documented. Otherwise, it should be my choice, not any of yours. If it technically is able to, then there is another problem, isn't there.
  4. UncleDaddySwiss

    Only Got Half The Video It Said It Recorded

    Out of curiosity, how would you have done it, in different sessions? In my opinion, that would have been a pain.
  5. UncleDaddySwiss

    Only Got Half The Video It Said It Recorded

    I know, i wish i would have paid more attention to the error message, but here's the strange thing- it saved the last half of the video. I don't understand why a person shouldn't capture a whole VHS in one session, shouldn't the software be good enough to do that? Again, i don't see what it matters what i was going to do with it, but it was a family video, and i was going to save it to my computer for archival purposes. Maybe make a few DVDs, i like video editing.
  6. UncleDaddySwiss

    Only Got Half The Video It Said It Recorded

    You guessed wrong, I wasn't multitasking while I was recording, I'm not stupid. However, I was recording on a powerful, custom built gaming computer so if I was multitasking trust me, I don't think it would have been a problem. I understand it could have been possible that it could be sensitive to a break in the tape, but then wouldn't it stop recording and stop the counter as well? Also, I didn't even get to the burning process, I'm talking about the file on the computer itself. No DVD involved yet. The file size is about 12GB, although I don't know what that has to do with question, the length of the video said 2 hours and 58 minutes, while the recording counter near the end said around 6 hours, I was watching the counter.
  7. I spent 6 hours recording a VHS tape, and it only saved around 3 hours of it, even though the record timer said 6 hours and some-odd minutes near the end. I did notice an error message came up in the middle, don't recall what it said now, but it didn't [appear] to stop recording, there was only one video in the list, and like I said, it had a record time of around 6 hours. Whats going on here? I don't feel like wasting part of my day doing this with this software if it isnt any more reliable than that.