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  1. Now, that is what I really appreciate, Brendon... a no BS answer! Thank you. What I have is: Roxio Creator NXT 2 Version; Build: 150B05C, R13; 800B00B, R03 Windows 7 Professional, SP 1 64-bit Operating System Intel Core2 Duo CPU P8700 @ 2.53GHz Display Adaptor: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650 Please advise if additional info is needed, and THank you for caring, looking at this and not over-commiting to any more than that! Kind regards Paul
  2. BTW, ran RegFix_NXT_64-bit to no avail on Creator NXT 2; still receiveing "Critical registry keys needed for this application are missing."
  3. Brendon, Thx for your post. Would any one of these be recommended for Creator NXT 2?
  4. PS DG, link above in "HERE" takes me to a page where NXT and NXT Pro links are inop, and NXT 2 is not listed.
  5. DG, glad you were able to get LR up and running. Having same issue, ideas appreciated... NXT2 was working last time I used it ~5 wks ago, then trying to capture video from tape inpu. Was getting Visual C++ Runtime error. Uninstalled, reinstalled. Now getting message critical registry key missing. Ran repair on NXT 2, unistalled, reinstalled... same-o, same-o, now, "Critical Registry Keys Needed For This Application Are Missing" Ideas appreciated, PTho