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  1. I am a new member and do not know how to start a new question. Hope this works. I purchased the Roxio VHS to DVD 3 plus. Installed the cd software. I get message "NO VIDEO SIGNAL". I have tried with two different workable VCR's connected. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the cd. I turned my firewall off. I used different cables (new cables to connect VCR to the Roxio Video capture usb. I contacted Corel Support and as requested, I e-mailed pictures of my cables and connections to VCR and computer. They advised it was set up correctly. I have a relatively new computer with windows 8.l and lots of memory. Corel has evidently given up on me because they no longer reply to my e-mails. There is nothing wrong with my VCR's. Both are operable and I have tried each one, (RCA and Magnavox). I have dozens of VHS home movies that I want to transfer to DVD's. I continue to get the message "NO VIDEO SIGNAL." I here no sound either. Please help.
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    Newbie With Vhs To Dvd Problem

    Jim, I haven't answered back because I took the program and VCR to my son-in-law who installed it on his computer and it worked. He had windows 10. He just brought it all back to me and downloaded windows 10 on my computer that had windows 8.1. The problem that I had with the message "NO Video Signal" is gone. When I press play on my VCR, I get video and audio and can preview the VHS tape. I selected "Record DVD", pressed play on my VCR, video appeared, I gave it a title, selected the disc drive "D:/PLDS DVD-RW DH16ACSH JL3B (that automatically came up as the destination drive). I was able to select the Quality Level but nothing else on the screen after that. The START RECORDING button on the Easy VHS to DVD3 computer screen is pale in color and does nothing when clicked. I followed all instructions, but nothing recorded on my DVD, as I suspected, because the "RECORD" button was not recognized by my computer or the program or something. Your suggestions will be appreciated. What must I do to get it to work with my D Drive where my DVD disc is placed.
  3. The cd is Roxio EASY VHS to DVD 3 PLUS and it says on cd that it is compatible to Windows 8, windows 7, windows Vista, and Windows XP. I have windows 8.1. Guess that is covered to it's compatibility to windows 8. I have tried for several days. Many hours. Don't know much about computers, but I e-mailed Corel Customer Support and I have done everything that they instructed and I still am unable to get a video signal.
  4. Trying to transfer VHS tapes to DVD's with Roxio Easy VHF to DVD 3 and I am getting message that says "NO VIDEO SIGNAL." Have been trying to make this work for several days. Have uninstalled and reinstalled the software. turned my firewall off. sent pictures of all connections to Corel Support and they say everything is hooked up properly. Still cannot get a video signal