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  1. Still nothing. I don't get a "Repair" option when I run the installer.
  2. When building my PC I had a temporary disc tray and installed the software. But I will use my laptop to do that.
  3. I would but I dont have a disc tray to repair or re install. When I try to repair it asks for ".MSI" file but I don't have it nor can find it.
  4. SP 2.1 The software to capture gameplay crashes and says "Roxio media capture has stopped working" then it closes.
  5. Hi, I've had my RGC Pro for a year and a half now but just recently the software starts crashing. I am trying to play on PS4 and capture gameplay for YouTube. - I have disabled HDCP - I have all my drivers updated - I have reinstalled, repaired, and tried a different computer But.... nothing works! Please help!