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  1. SOLUTION FOUND! Added auto motion to the photos and both offending projects with original offending pictures included, rendered perfectly! why did I not do this days ago- Sometimes the easiest is not the most obvious. Thanks for all your input.
  2. Ok the repair idea did not fix he problem. Re-saving with minor change did not work either. pulling my hair out did not do the trick either.... SO Removing 17 out of 86 photos that were freezing during rendering worked, so not satisfied I did the following: Used the slideshow creator, first just the offending pics. then added original, and 're-saved' ones, and using Bluray authoring option all rendered perfectly! Then to make sure it was not a fluke I took the mpg and stuck it in the original project, sans the offenders, renders perfectly. VideoWave !!!! What do you think?
  3. You may be right since just 2 projects out a total of 8 are giving this problem, others some smaller or larger with same mix of pictures and videos from the same camera are processing perfectly. I will try the repair avenue soon. Thanks
  4. So I finally got round to trying your idea about 're-saving' the pictures. That did not work. Then I simply removed the offending picture from the project and the problem simply went to the next picture! Eventually it became ridiculous as the project would end up with no content:-) Finally I decided to restart the project from scratch. Tried exporting for Bluray Authoring without any transitions or music and this time I mixed up the picture placements, well the pictures that worked before now became the offenders! I wish Roxio would stop putting out new versions every year with additional features (most of which quite useless for casual users like me) rather than addressing performance, error trapping and handling etc. This has been a problem for years. Perhaps it is time to move on!
  5. Yes I do! So I took your advice and started to create video files from VideoWave using Bluray Authoring HQ setting. Several projects worked beautifully however a couple of them hang at exactly the same frame even when I ran them a couple of times. I then deleted the picture where one of them was hanging, process stopped at the next picture. Any ideas? Thanks
  6. My project created with myDvd for a Bluray disc shows the disc is full with a little over 2 mins left, however the iso file generated is only about half the size (12.5gig) , as is the burned disk. Does anyone know why? Using Nxt 2 Pro, all movies created in VideoWave, mp4 files - High Quality etc.. The project has menus. CPU HP Envy17 running fully updates Window7 pro. Thanks