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    Rendering In Videowave Creates Video Lag

    You see what had happened was.. Haha no I am using mp4. I used !action to record because I don't have an hdmi splitter. (I posted a month ish ago that using the hardware, gpu to roxio game capture, to monitor showed blurry items, specially color-on-color words (red on black, blue on green, etc) so I can't use it to record my pc. My C:/ drive is an SSD, but I have my recording, and rendering on D:/ drive (hdd, 7400rpm, new & de fragmented, 1tb). Haha poor pencils there. So if you don't get paid, why do you do this? I get a feeling it isn't "loyalty" to the product
  2. OutrideGaming

    Rendering In Videowave Creates Video Lag

    I'm sorry Jim, I hadn't known that. I've looked around and been here for a bit, and you seem to be that person thats always answering (usually sarcastically which makes my day by the way). So I kind of figured you were part of the support staff. Hmm so far vega's worked like a charm. Much faster rendering time (gpu support, not sure if videowave did or didn't). What do you mean lack of hdd? I have about 700+gbs on my secondary drive (hdd) and its a 7400 rpm so its standard nothing big but it does have space. So you mean just splitting the video every 10 mins? I did notice that rendering the same game, but a smaller file did not cause lag, it only seemed to happen with the 30m video. I'll give this a try one more time on videowave, and I'll contact support see if i should debate on switching to Vegas
  3. OutrideGaming

    Rendering In Videowave Creates Video Lag

    Because I paid for this product, and expect a minimum level of support
  4. OutrideGaming

    Rendering In Videowave Creates Video Lag

    I did enable software based and it still does this post rendered lag. I know for sure its not my hardware because in Sony Vegas pro it takes 25mins w/ gpu rendering. On videowave it takes 40+ mins & has the lag effect.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jfddGImGFr4 As you see, the video stutters and lags, but the audio plays smoothly. I currently have it set to do hardware-rendering. This really should not be a problem, here are my specs. https://www.youtube.com/user/outridegaming/about The gpu is running at 1040mhz core clock, 1500mhz memory clock. The cpu is running at 4100mhz each core. Is the video rendering cpu or gpu dependent? I have 24gb of ram, so that isn't the problem, and the video is stored on a 7400rpm 1tb hdd. Everything is new. :/ I really don't get why it's doing this. According to Task Manager, my cpu only seems to reach up to 80% out of 100% usage. Gpu (using msi afterburner) highest usage has been in the 30's %. So I see it's cpu, but how can i fix the lag? The recorded video, before rendering through video wave, plays smoothly. Please help!
  6. OutrideGaming

    Game Capture - Things Look Blurry On My Screen?

    The thing is, i'll be having two extra monitors using the dvi-ds plus the hdmi as center. So, Would the splitter create an extra screen or duplicate the same hdmi output?
  7. OutrideGaming

    Game Capture - Things Look Blurry On My Screen?

    I am trying to record using Roxio Game Capture Pro. I have the device plugged in to usb. I have an HDMI running from my gpu's out port to roxio's "input" then another hdmi coming out of roxio's "output" into the monitor. I tested each cable individually, and they work perfectly fine. I have tried editing the monitors settings, as well as my gpu's. Nothing seems to work because my screen still looks blurry. For example in the screenshot, the words look blurry. Note- I saw on a post that roxio game capture should show up twice on my device manager? It only shows up once for me.. Please help! EDIT: I am looking at the image i posted. When i took the screenshot "FTB Mage Quest" looks blurry. This seems to prove that it isn't my gpu going crazy (MSI R9 390) but rather it is the game capture pro that is struggling. I have tried removing all the cables, then plugging in the hdmi's, then the usb cable into the game capture. It still looks blurry :/