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  1. Jian

    Does Toast 14 Mount .sd2F Images?

    Seems it was fixed in Toast 12.1 release.
  2. Jian

    Toast 12 Still Not Able To Mount .sd2F Images

    Seems it works fine since Toast 12.1 release.
  3. Jian

    Toast 14 Pro Crash

    Toast may not support to burn a M-DISC DVD.
  4. Jian

    Toast 14 Pro Icon

    You should found a little purple toast with name "Toast Titanium".
  5. Jian

    Chapters In Ios Vids?

    Chapters not maintained.
  6. Jian

    Multiple Dvd's To Blu Ray?

    I think you can convert DVDs to videos and burn to a BRD.
  7. Jian

    Does Toast 14 Mount .sd2F Images?

    It works for me to mount .sd2f images by Toast Utilities -> Mount Disc Image on OSX 10.9.
  8. Jian

    Toast 14 Pro Crashes When Writing A Dvd

    What did you burn? A data DVD or a video DVD ?