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  1. Thanks, apparently having it in different tracks is sufficient for my dad. Thanks for your time!
  2. Thx for your replies. Here's a screenshot to make my problem clearer. I want to be able to select the top radiobutton in the red square. (I know in the screenshot the source I'm using is the mic and not the Roxio video capture usb). After playing a Vinyl, it records everyithing in one file. The track count in the recording window is correct but it's still one file. I want to be able to select the radiobutton "Record internetaudio - multiple tracks" or the button to separate the tracks. Maybe tracks isn't the correct word I'm using, I just want to save every song as a different file from the vinyl without having to select and save them one by one.
  3. I want to digitize some vinyl, and I manage to set it to detect the separate tracks. But it still saves the tracks to one file which is no use to me. How do I convert it imediately to separate files? The option is there but it's not possible to select it (Record internetaudio - separate tracks). Thanks