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  1. Alright, I'll report within a couple of days, so your saying to change my displays resolution to see if that works? I didn't try it yet neither did I believe it to be necessary, but i will try.
  2. Yes I ment component, sorry. Mine is also connected the same way on there. I kept my install directory on default so it went here | C:\Program Files (86x)\Roxio Game Capture System Specs OS: Windows 10 (I also tried on Windows 7) Processor: AMD Phenom II N660 Duel-Core Processor System/System Model : Toshiba Satellite L655D, 64-bit operating system RAM Installed: 4.00 GB(3.74 GB usable) Graphics Card: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4200 Series If I'm missing more information just tell me then, btw thank you guys for helping on this, I appreciate your time.
  3. Another thing that just happened to me was I turned on the program first, plugged in the USB without the console on and then turned on my Xbox. It gave me a green ready where the signal msg is, meanwhile my screen was still black. It then flickered from ready to the green no signal. I then tried to capture and stop capture to see if that did anything and I just got a unknown capture error after. I think I just got every issue possible with this now... That only happened though due to the order that I plugged and turned on the devices which gave me this.
  4. Most of the time, when I launch the program given on the CD I will get the script error. It does let me continue using the program though but I don't know if it is causing the green no signal that I have in it. Yes I am using composite cables. I will say that the first time I was using it, it did work once but idk what happened to it. Yes I do have a green no signal, and the directory that I installed the software is where it should be.
  5. I have tried that as well, I have 2 2.0 USB ports btw.
  6. Yes i do. i also tried uninstalling those drivers and reinstalled to see if that worked but no luck.
  7. Well, is their anything else i can do that might fix this? Things i have done on my part include: Reinstalling properly/Repairing without the device plugged in, making sure the resolution on my TV's/Xbox/Software is the same, (I even tried doing this on multiple TV's around the house.) I have read most of these posts on similar issues in and out. I tried switching the component cable from TV and HDMI as well.
  8. So are you still able to reply to this or should i remake one?
  9. Hello, i got my Roxio Game Capture almost a year ago so unfortunately i do not think that it is possible to send a new one back so going to just lay it all down. My Computer fits the requirements of the software so i do not believe that this is an issue. I have read through many posts regarding the "Green no signal" which means that the GameCap isn't responding to the software. I have not found many posts regarding the Line 0 Position 1 script error and at some point i thought that it might just be something wrong with the product. Another issue is also related to the SP1 which i cannot update to because my directory cannot be found. I feel like i am overlooking something with this but i'm not too sure. I reinstalled without the Gamecap plugged in or firewall, Av etc. on, repaired the software, and i just feel like i have tried everything in the book. Is their something that i'm missing here or is it just the GameCap itself that has an issue?