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  1. MacGeek

    Questions about MyDVD Pro

    The menus should be in /Library/Application Support. I just downloaded Toast 17 for Mojave (and beyond) support, and My DVD Pro. Frustrating program!
  2. MacGeek

    Toast Crashes When Creating Image

    Looks like thread 13 crashed with a segfault. Essentially, the program tried to access a routine in memory that wasn't there any more, or was overwritten with different data. Long story short, it's a programming bug on their part. Kathi
  3. MacGeek

    No Direct Printing Capabilites With Toast For Mac.

    I never upgraded to version 15 (Didn't see a compelling reason to), but in version 14 I received a lot of apps with Toast - one of those being Disc Label. I use Disc label to print directly to DVDs and Blu-Rays on my Epson Artisan 835 printer. The Artisan 835 has a disc tray that allows for direct printing onto inkjet-ready media. Kathi
  4. MacGeek

    Video Convert Interface Problems

    25 FPS is PAL, correct? It sounds like your Toast version is location-aware, and is trying to save it as NTSC? I've also found the problem where I specify a folder, and it doesn't go there. Kathi
  5. MacGeek

    Edit Menu Buttons In Dvd-Video?

    Bob, There are a few ways of doing this - going from the easy to the not so easy. You can work within the tools you have to make Toast work at least a little bit better. Larry Jordan and others have covered this: https://larryjordan.com/articles/create-a-custom-blu-ray-menu-using-toast-titanium-10/ Or you can modify the menu in Photoshop. Note: I haven;t tried this. I opened it in Photoshop and it seems to be a file containing nested layers, etc. All I can say is if you do this, work on a copy! The file is inside the Toast app in the /Resources/Toast Menu Styles folder. I only see one menu here - Splash, so this might be a deprecated file - especially since I also see icon files going back to Toast version 6. Kathi
  6. MacGeek

    Edit Menu Buttons In Dvd-Video?

    Can you? Well, kinda. I've done it, and changed the menu a bit. Still not optimal. Here's Corel's explanation: https://support.corel.com/hc/en-us/articles/215854838-Create-or-customize-Toast-DVD-menu-styles Kathi
  7. MacGeek

    How Do I Import Music Into My Dvd Media Browser Panel?

    Not totally sure why they have the media picker list on the left as it just doesn't work. If you want to add music (like music playing during the main menu), make sure you are in the Edit Menu mode, and click the musical note with the plus icon. You will get the standard open file dialog. Scroll down to the bottom of the sidebar list on the left and choose Music. You will now be able to choose a song. Hit the Play button (square with arrow), and you should hear your music. Kathi
  8. MacGeek

    Toast 15 Will Not Open In Video

    CSP, go to Applications/Utilities and open Console. IN the text box at the upper-right, type in toast. Any entries for Toast should show up in the log window. Post the text in a message here. Kathi
  9. MacGeek

    Mydvd Project Settings Location?

    Correct, and other software out there will allow you to import a 4:3 video file, and will add the black borders to allow it to be played widescreen. MyDVD will not. I would bring the video into Handbrake and use the Crop function to give you the padding you will need to add the black bars on the sides. Either that or zoom the movie to fill the sides, but losing the top and bottom. Kathi
  10. MacGeek

    Mydvd Project Settings Location?

    Bigmaxy, Yeah, I know the guide seems to imply that you can change things like aspect ratio (the guide says you can "lock button aspect ratio" - whatever that means), etc. but in the Mac version you totally can't. Sorry. Kathi
  11. MacGeek

    Mydvd Issue Continue

    Judboy, your Mac sounds like a great machine, and 32GB is plenty. It sounds to me that MyDVD is not a 64-bit application, and cannot take advantage of the RAM that you have. Tell me, how full is your disc? How much content are you trying to write? Kathi
  12. MacGeek

    Mydvd Needed Codecs And Bluray

    Jacen, sounds like you haven't authorized the BluRay plugin yet. That is step one. It's not totally intuitive on how to do that, but it *is* step one. Jim, there is likely nothing wrong with the file. I know you're a PC user, and likely mistrust Mac applications, but FCPX is a great program that outputs usable files. The problem is MyDVD. It will only accept certain files using certain CODECs. What are those files and CODECs, you ask? Great question! Sadly, Roxio has never answered. Through trial and error (and error, and error, and error, and . . .), I've found that it accepts only .mov files (see here). Kathi
  13. MacGeek

    Switching From Idvd To Toast

    https://discussions.apple.com/thread/1216891?tstart=0 Kathi
  14. MacGeek

    Useful Manual For Mydvd

    Ogdens, He's looking for a MyDVD manual - not one for Toast. The MyDVD "manual" is a nineteen-page PDF that isn't very helpful. Kathi
  15. MacGeek

    Chapter Names And Keyframes Missing

    Not much on the Mac side, other than Adobe Encore. Sorry. Kathi